Fast, enforceable and cost effective!

First, what is a design patent? 

Design patent is a form of intellectual property. Design patent registration is intended to protect the external shape and design of your product, unlike a utility patent that is designed to protect the concept behind the product. The registration process is relatively fast as well.

Is it worth it?

Many designers and business owners believe it's expensive and unnecessary. Well, many people are wrong big time! 

Many designers tend to think that registering their design is highly expensive and not worthwhile due to the misconception that any change as insignificant as one may be, would exclude the counterfeiter from committing an infringement.

Another misconception is that there is nothing to be done against online counterfeits being sold by anonymous sellers on eBay, Amazon, Etzy, Ali Express ... etc. 

Let's clarify; 

There are great advantages of design patent registration:

The 1st great advantage of having a registered design: Enforceability – it's a great tool for fighting online sales of counterfeits.

You wake up one morning and find a knockoff of your product being offered for purchase by a foreign or local imitator. With a product that is remarkably similar to your design! They're not only reducing your revenues but also tarnishing your brand!

Annoying, boiling, infuriating but frankly you assume you don't have much to do about it. Well, you were wrong! 

If you register your design, you have the power to stop these illegitimate sales 

We at TLP-IP will monitor, detect and remove these infringements off of eBay, Amazon, Etzy, Ali Express, Wish, taobao, Mercadolibre and many more!

This IP protection paves the way for marketing your design as exclusively as possible throughout the world markets at maximum efficiency and minimum expense.

And while we're talking cost- Who said Design registration is expensive?

Unlike utility patent registration, design patent registration is way less costly, as opposed to a registration process of a utility patent. 

Of course, this amount varies depending on the country in which the design will be registered' yet the fact remains- it is way cheaper than registering a utility patent, has less bureaucracy involved, faster to get granted and easily enforceable

Pro Tip: It is important to match the location of your design registration with where you want to sell your product - especially if your future sales are intended to be online.

If you have a large number of designs, we have a special set of solutions for you that will drastically reduce your cost while creating comprehensive and active protection against imitations, counterfeits and other types of infringements.


Who is it for?

Business owners, designers and especially product designers of all categories: housewares, clothing, electrical appliances, tools, gadgets of all kinds, swimwear, industrial designers and more… 

By the way, it is important to differentiate between patent design registration and trademark registration - logo, illustration, graphic symbol and the like. 

Trademark registration is another form of copyright and intellectual property protection that may be of benefit for you so you may want to visit our trademark page…

The bottom line- it's worth contacting us. 

Meeting with us is fun, free of charge and it comes with a free cup of coffee!.

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