Copyright protection 

Did someone copied your work and pass it off as their own? 

You have the means to stop it right here and now. Copyright infringement or Plagiarism are not something to be taken lightly and can often result in damages. 

Copyright law provides the creator the sole right to use your creation which can be materialized in various forms including drawings, 3D artwork, computer codes, text, musical piece and more. They all deserve copyright protection.

Whether the copying is done in a tangible medium or it is done over the Internet, we have all the tools to make it stop, while providing a high-end service and personal attention with fast results. Contact us now for a free consultation on how we can help you stop it for you.


Copyrights in the state of Israel:

Following 2007, Israeli copyright law recognizes copyrights when the creation is "An original work that is a literary work, a work of art, a dramatic work or a musical work, fixed in some way ...". It provides the creator the sole right to enjoy his creation including to copy, rent, act, publicly perform (when relevant) and to create derivative works/ adaptations thereof. 

The first owner of the copyrights is the creator of the work, however, Copyrights in Israel can be assigned to another by a contractual agreement or alternatively to be licensed to another.  

Furthermore, the actual right will stay in force for the remainder of the creator's life and for additional 70 years thereafter.

Copyright law do not protect ideas, but only the form of the expression specific to those ideas. Accordingly, copyright shall not apply to:

Idea (as an idea, not the mere expression thereof);

Process and method of execution (should be protected in alternative ways, e,g, patent registration) ;

Mathematical concept;

Fact or data;


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